Is it really about how you look at Interview?

The answer is YES!!!

After many years in the recruitment industry, hundreds of interviews, and many placements I can honestly tell you that it, how you present yourself is important!

Now, I am not talking about cosmetic/ celebrity style looks, I mean simple presentation is key.

Recruiters hate talking about the sensitive subjects, so here I am telling you how to impress at interview…..IN DETAIL.

Hair…. Males and Females included, you must have a tidy haircut/ style, wash it, style it simply and make sure it is tame.

Make-up… This one is for the ladies, I have personally found that simple is best (depending on what type of role you are going for) but unless you are a top make up artist, don’t try fancy eye make-up and angel flicks, keep it neutral with tones to suit your skin and YOU.

Hygiene… A taboo subject….. you must be clean. Don’t run for the bus on your way there, or walk through fields. You must look and smell clean. Make sure you use antiperspirant and a fresh smelling perfume/cologne. Not too strong though, you don’t want to smell like a boys changing room after sports! And smoking, there are a lot of workers who smoke, and if you do, make sure you don’t smell of it. Wash your hands, don’t have a smoke before you go into an interview (you can manage for 2 hours) Also make sure you have beautifully smelling breath by brushing your teeth and taking mints with you.

And most importantly your dress


– Suits, Plain suits, dark colours, with a Jacket

– Dresses, over the knee with a jacket

– Shoes, clean, polished, if you can walk in heels great if you cant stick to flats

– Accessories, Keep to a minimum, do carry a folder with your CV and references in


– Trainers- absolutely not, ever, in any circumstance

– Casual trousers/ Jeans, never ever (you will be surprised how many people have lost opportunities through jeans)

– Footwear, no uggboots, sports boots, flip flops

– Take any bags in with you (if you are planning on going to the gym after, leave the bag in the car!) This goes for shopping too, if you pass a shop on the way to your interview, unless it fits in your smart bag, refrain from purchase until afterwards!

Remember first impressions count, always! Within the first 30 seconds, the interviewer will have formed an impression of you and you want this to be a positive one! Check out my interview tips and advice pages, for more in depth information


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