Students, Don’t stress over exam results, you have options

So your friends are going to their choice of university and you didn’t get the results you needed for your preferred choice? What do you do?

Don’t bury your head in the sand! OK you can mourn the results for a couple of days but then its time to make a plan! 

Did you check your marks? Is it worth asking for a re mark?– If you are only a few points off the higher grade, then it could be worth a re mark, but do remember you can also get marked down!! So if you are more than a few points off its probably best left as is.

Call your university of choice- Act now, don’t delay, pick up your confidence and call them! Up to now all they have is your application form, but you can be character to this and add to your application. Explain to them that you didn’t get the mark, can you do anything extra to gain a place?

Take a gap year- In some cases this is a fantastic idea. If you really want to wait to get into the university you preferred, then defer for a year. In this year, don’t use it sat in-front of TV box sets, get some relevant work experience to the course you intended to do. This will give you extra credits when the next year comes, and also allows you to grow as a person.

Start calling round employers now- There will be many people in your shoes, and now they will be turning to the job market, do not delay, start enquiring about opportunities with businesses you want to work for…..check out my page for applications for some tips.

The most important thing to remember is that you have options, lots and lots of options. I know people who have been in very similar situations, and went back to University after the gap year, or they found a love and passion for something else in that time. What happens now will define you, so keep positive, read up on my hints and tips and be who you want to be


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