Handing your notice in can be more frightening than an interview

So, you went through the countless interviews, telephone interviews, you have spoken that much that you have no voice and you have been offered the job! Feelings of excitement and pride are rushing through your body, you want to jump for joy, do a dance, call everyone in your phone book….you accept the job!

Now the question…..when is the earliest you can start? Your stomach turns a little in realisation that although you are so happy to have achieved this opportunity, you now have to face your current employer. Feelings of desertion, loyalty and non committal fill your mind. Your current employer will put the pieces together and realise that you weren’t at the dentist 3 times in the last fortnight! You tell your new employer you notice period and agree to call them once your notice is in to confirm an exact date.

So… you have written your notice carefully (probably googled a few times how to write the perfect resignation letter) and you are on your way to work, thinking of the perfect time to grab your line manager. Do you do it first thing and get it over with? Or lunch time when its less busy in the office? Or even better, the end of the day then run for door??? I recommend going for the first option, get it out of the way. Employees leave businesses every day, and although you feel like your the only one and you are a huge let down, truth is your not, and if you have been unhappy for a while, they are probably expecting it to be honest.

So let your line manager sit down, have their breakfast and take their coat off before you pounce, and quietly ask if you could have 5 minutes with them to discuss something. This WILL be terrifying for most of you, those first words are the most frightening but once you have done it, it gets easier.

Once you are with your manager, let them know that you will be resigning, you can tell them why if you feel comfortable (not recommended to bad mouth them!!) and explain factually. Your manager may have questions, where are you going? what is the role? but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. You are well within your rights to politely say ‘I’d rather not say at this stage, I’d like to get established first’ and they should respect your decision.

And then its over, they will go away and speak with other management and you will agree your notice period, the office will find out either by you telling them or your manager might want to, and all that terror is gone, you did it! The excitement comes back to you and you are now looking forward to your future.

My advice for your notice period, don’t put your feet up, still work business as usual and stick to your job description, you still want to part ways on a good note and grab that all important reference.

Moral of the story, stay strong, stay confident and stay you.


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